(Monday Musings on a Tuesday = Tuesdings)

Although the calendar only says November 26th, if I were to close my eyes and walk outside I would have no trouble believing that it was the middle of January. Mother Nature punched Iowa in the face this past weekend, delivering bone-chilling high temperatures that barely escaped the single-digits. In fact, the “feels like” temp as I write this 16° F.

And it hasn’t just been the cold, but the ice…

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

…and snow…

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

…that came with it, making things miserable for just about everyone involved. And it wasn’t even a pretty snow, either…just a cold, blustery, ugly snow (if there is such a thing). It’s been so cold that the ugly dusting that we received has lasted almost a week.


Bring on the real stuff! At least up through Christmas Day…then if we can jump right to the 60 and 70 degree days again, that would be perfect. Mmkay? Mmkay.

Just a few quite notes tonight as we head down the chute towards Thanksgiving and the glorious four-day-weekend that follows 😀

Our Thankful Tree continues to grow…

Thanksgiving Tuesdings 7

And although we haven’t been adding to it each and every day, with six contributors we’ve managed to fill it’s branches rather quickly regardless.

The best thing just happened last night when I asked Sienna what she thought Daddy was thankful for. She replied with this, and I quoted:

Thanksgiving Tuesdings 8

She knows me too well! And yes, even Lola has added her two cents:

Thanksgiving Tuesdings 10

Bah-pah = Grandpa, FYI 😉

We’re continuing to finalize plans for the massive East Coast Migration to Iowa over the holidays, which has been super-exciting. Last year the sibs all decided that instead of buying small gifts for everyone, we would put our names into a hat and spend a little more on just one person.

Thanksgiving Tuesdings 5

This worked out well, especially now that “sibling” consists of more than just the four of us. So after a massive group text convo…

Text Message Count

…we decided to try an intense Skype/FaceTime sesh, so that Miss & I could be the designated name-drawers. Of course, we had to document the occasion.

Take One:

Group Shot - Take 1

Take Two with Abby:

Group Shot - Take 2

And Take Three with Abby & Chris.

Group Shot - Take 3

Nailed it.

Quote of the Week:

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

Missy loves and embodies the true spirit of thrift shopping…she is always bringing home gently used goods and rediscovers what made them awesome to begin with (like all those frames!). She is the thrift shop queen!

And for the record: if that really was a table cloth, it was one incredibly comfy one!


  • Miss & I made an impromptu trip to Knoxville (IA) Saturday night to one of our favorite Iowa breweries: Peace Tree!

Processed with VSCOcam with f3 preset

While we never need a reason for a proper date night, the purpose of the trip was to pick up an enormous (and empty) Templeton Rye whiskey barrel…

Barrel in Van

Processed with VSCOcam with k3 preset

…of which they had just tapped their latest batch of barrel-aged brew. We requested the barrel in August as a unique “accent piece” for the Homestead…we’re thinking about getting some cheap (or even free) bar stools and using it as a little cocktail table. And as if the barrel itself wasn’t cool enough, we love the local connections of both Peace Tree & Templeton Rye.

  • Who here reading did this when they were young?!

Thanksgiving Tuesdings 6

Or how about this?!

Pop Goes Perfection

Old school fun and games for the win!

  • I know it’s super cliché, but you guys: the early sunsets out here lately have been ridiculously amazing:

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset

(That texture!)

sunset pic

At least they were until Des Moines was transplanted into the Arctic Circle…

  • Oh, and if anyone asks: attempting to self-take Christmas Card pictures with four toddlers is what I can only imagine wrangling a herd of wild cats is like. Oh…mygosh. Of the 100 frames we snapped, I think we managed a half-dozen decent shots? We all had to go to our own corners after that night. More to come on that soon…

Well friends, not much more to report on our end! We’d like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here’s a tip: make sure you save some leftovers for the cold turkey sandwiches for your weekend long…because honestly, that’s the best part!


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