Monday Musings | Thanksgiving Leftovers

Here in the Midwest we like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to our holidays.  And when that holiday happens to be Thanksgiving, well…it doesn’t get much simpler than adhering to the Four F’s:

  1. Family &
  2. Friends &
  3. Food &
  4. Football.

Follow this principle and you’re sure to achieve a Zen-like state by night’s end, much as we were last Thursday evening. It started late Wednesday with Missy and her onslaught of Turkey-Day meal preparations (and continued well into Thursday). Her wonderful dishes included crock-pot breakfast casserole:

egg casserole

…Cinnamon Pumpkin Bread…




and homemade Cranberry sauce…


…just to name a few.

When it comes to Mama Missy and Thanksgiving, all you need to know is that she would rather be elbow-deep in pots, pans, and stuffing ingredients than sitting around having someone else do it all for her. You see, (much to the chagrin of my waistline) the kitchen is her happy space…she finds real, honest joy in cooking (although I’m sure she would prefer to do it without four kiddos running around at her feet… ;-)) and is totally in her element on such a food-focused holiday.

All that said: I’m sad to report that we did skip the Campfire Turkey this year. Running in and out of the house for four hours with 15 degree wind chills just did not sound appealing to us.

We spent a low-key afternoon on the Florer Farm, and even though the girls weren’t exactly thrilled with their meal, they still were able to enjoy their time with us at the big table:

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Of course, you really can’t go wrong with good food…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

…and good drink.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Plus, all those leftovers sure do taste better after a Ravens win over their arch rival Pittsburgh!

Flacco Delivers

(Getty Images // Source)

Well worth the effort on all accounts, with Missy preparing most of the fixins’ and G-Ma Cindy baking the main bird. Dee-lish!

The evening was spent fulfilling the first and third F’s…and I guess the second one as well: we gorged ourselfs on a massive dessert spread at Missy’s Aunt’s place while watching tons of football 😀

The rest of the weekend was pretty spectacular: Aunt Shannon turned 23 on Black Friday…

Leftovers 7

…and then we had a spectacular double date with some fantastic friends on Saturday…

Double Date Pic

(…plaid, anyone?)

Double Date Game

(Photo Cred)

…all sandwiched around more leftovers and plenty of football (How ’bout them Hawkeyes? And that Iron Bowl finish? Are you kidding me?!). But like I said. Family, friends, food, and football.

Keep is simple, and you’ll be better off for it.

Thanksgiving Ramblings Leftovers

  • Missy and I went to see Catching Fire with Shannon for her birthday while G-Ma and G-Pa stayed with the girls. Great flick and can’t wait until Mocking Jay. Loved how CF stayed true to the book, although we’re wondering how they will end up depicting the final scenes from the third installment…should be interesting.
  • As Thanksgiving gives way to the Christmas season, it’s finally time to say goodbye to our Thankful Tree. But before we “chop it down,” here are some of my favorites:

Thankful Leaves

  • Don’t worry, we replaced our Thankful Tree with this awesome hand-made advent calendar. Each day the girls add a tiny ornament from the sewn-in pockets. It’s perfect. Thanks Grammie Mona!

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  • Lola spent most of the weekend run-down with a cold [which may or may not have something to do with the flumist flu shot (the older girls received the flumist) she received last week] and was a complete beast to deal with.

Leftovers 5

Of course, she still had her cute moments:

Processed with VSCOcam with k2 preset

But in the end, she ended up doing pretty much whatever she wanted to do.

Leftovers 8

  • It only three separate nights over the span of two weeks, but we finally nailed our DIY Christmas Card photos. Can’t wait to share them with you!
  • This is the best. “Draw what’s missing” for the win.

Draw whats missing

Well friends, that’s about all the news that is news from our Turkey Day weekend! How about everyone else out there? Did you enjoy your holiday?

Now only 22 days and counting until Christmas 2013! Are you ready? We…are not.

I’m off to bed…happy Monday and have a great week!