A New Monday Musings

Hey folks. Don’t bother pinching yourself ’cause this ain’t no dream…I really am back with a new post for the second time in less than seven days!

As we roll into the new year, I wanted to try something new here on Living in Pursuit. My New Year’s resolution here on the blog is to write more frequent and focused posts rather than try and capture everything that’s happening here in our world all in one massive, all-encompassing entry. Bring back things like Snapshots, E-mail (or text) of the Week, and other short, fun stories.

Don’t miss those links…oldies but goodies 😉

So I guess we’re really not trying something new, just returning to what worked in the past and making it fresh again. Kind of like bell bottoms. Hopefully this will make for a more enjoyable read, while at the same time allow me to get to bed before 11:30 on Monday nights.

As for the Monday Musings: they aren’t going anywhere just yet. I still want use this space for my weekly Musings, which will look a lot more like the “Ramblings” at the end of each MM entry. Just a quick list of thoughts, links, and other fun stuff to help jump-start your week.

Sound cool? Cool. Let’s get to it then.

  • Late Friday night a friend called up to offer me an extra VIP ticket to the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, which is every bit as awesome as it sounds…bacon samples for days! Yes, this is a real thing, and yes, 12,000 tickets sell out in less than an hour.

bacon fest

  • So my sister took this picture as she left a snowy Des Moines last month, and it’s seriously too awesome not to share here with everyone else:

des moines from above

  • Missy bought her herself the AeroLatte with her Christmas gift cards to help create coffee shop latte’s right here at home…and they are utterly amazing. On top of all her other super powers, she would make one heck of a barista. Even Lola agrees (she loves the milk foam!)

lola latte

  • So, how ’bout that Super Bowl? More like the Super Lame Bowl, amiright? Or something. Look, no disrespect to P-Manning and the Broncos, but nobody saw that blowout coming. Give me Baltimore vs. San Fran any night of the week over a game like that! Aside than the game itself, I ate my weight in Trader Joe’s Potstickers, I thought that Bruno Mars was good and the commercials were OK…and I could have completely done without RHCP. Give it Away came out when I was eight years old. Let’s move on, people.
  • Speaking of the big game, for the first time our annual SB Party ended up with more toddlers than adults present. If the shrill screams all night didn’t give it away, then the platter of triangle-cut peanut butter sandwiches in the middle of our spread probably did. #youknowyouroldwhen…

pb sandos

  • I’m not sure how your kids get down stairs, but this is how Jovie does it:
  • Sienna is becoming quite the arteest: her portrait of Poppy from memory is spot-on.

siennas poppy portrait

  • Presenting: The Hardinge Family version of “The Two Stages of Winter”. December: A magical wonderland of lights and happiness:

snow men making

And January thru Spring: just yucky.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

At least Lola (and the rest of my ladies) help make post-Christmas winter a lot more enjoyable! Inspired by this comic. 43 more days!

  • And finally, just because:

rowan in glasses

Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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