Monday Musings

  • As I’m sure you’ve heard, the 2014 Olympics started in earnest just over a week ago…and sticking with recent traditions we watched the opening ceremonies with our pals Eric and Kelsey…all the while eating good grub, grading the walk-in uniforms (Team USA = F minus), and debating if this was the third or fourth OC we’ve watched together.


(via @kelseywilliams)

Leg Kicks

(via @mama_missy)

And while the big show in Sochi was OK…spending an evening with some great people is always a good time. Even if the four of us ended up half-asleep on our couch by nights end.


(via @wordsofwilliams)

  • As for the games themselves…I just can’t to get into them this time around as I have in years past; plus all the biggest stories all seem to be non-sporting related: Bob Costas’ eyes, uncomfortable interviews (come on NBC…show just a little respect for Bode next time, eh?), faulty uniforms, and my favorite #sochiproblems. That said, there have been some memorable moments…and how awesome was the brand-new snowboard Slopestyle event? Miss and I were glued to the TV each time it was on!
  • Obligatory Iowa weather update: while we haven’t had the crushing accumulations that the east coast has been experiencing…Iowa keeps getting hit with snow in 2-4” bursts, the latest coming this morning, just in time for the morning commute. And while snow in the midwest is usually accompanied by bone chilling temperatures and howling winds, we have managed to get the girls outside to experience at least a little fun.

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They better enjoy it while it lasts…50 degrees is in the forecast for Wednesday! But today was the wackiest day of all: three inches of snow early which turned into a 45 degree bluebird day by the time I left for home. Wild stuff.

  • You probably caught this on my social media feeds, but it’s still worth sharing again… when you leave an elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom to her own devices, this happens when asked to make boxes for her preschool daughters’ Valentines Day party:

Mouthy Boxes

And please don’t worry. When Lola has her own Valentines Day party in her own 3yo Preschool Class, I’m sure Missy will be making her an, um…“mouthy box” as well.

Sienna with Mouthy Box

  • The Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s dance was last Friday night at Hope…unfortunately we had four coughing, snotty, sick kiddos that were better served by staying at home watching a movie in a warm house. I promised to make it up to them this week with individual Daddy-Daughter Date Nights. Be on the lookout for lots more pictures…not that you’d mind though, right?
  • As for Miss & I: we did a very scaled back V-Day this year, enjoying a quiet steak dinner after the girls were asleep and spending minimal cash on gifts. Missy’s gift is already in the running for best gift of the year…full report on it soon 😀

Love You a Latte

  • So long, Flappy Bird…we hardly knew ya. Such a strange story regarding this maddeningly addictive app. Glad I grabbed it while it was still available…but since I can’t seem to get a score above 40 before getting the urge to throw my phone across the room…

Flappy Bird

…my new game crush is Threes!, a simple swipe app that’s challenging and super fun yet way less blood pressure boiling than the aforementioned Flappy Bird.


At Last!

While these musings have been all well and good, perhaps definitely the biggest news of the month came just 10 days ago when we got word that our newest member of the family had finally arrived!

(Total uncle fail for waiting until now to announce it.)

Etta Wren 4

Etta Wren 1

Etta Wren Florer-Bixler was born on February 7, 2014 at 6:59PM. She tipped the scales at 8-1/2 pounds and is 20” long. We’re madly in love with our newest niece and already scheming up ways of getting out to NC for a visit.

Etta Wren 2

Etta Wren 3

G-ma Cindy just returned from a 10 day visit with a full report on how adorable she is…

Etta with Cindy

…and needless to say, I foresee a road trip in our future. Oh, and I’m only going to apologize once for singing this song every time I see her from now on 😉 (All pictures courtesy of Melissa FB)

Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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