Monday Musings

  • This week’s update from Wild Iowa Weather desk, two weather rarities make an appearance on the same day: thunder snow and graupel!

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Last Thursday we experienced the little blizzard that couldn’t (aka Flurricane)…heavy on wind, light on snow. While northern Iowa was shut down with heavier amounts, here in the metro we received our weekly dose of 1-2” of snow mixed in with rain, sleet, and yes…graupel. It’s like hail, but not!

  • So long, Sochi! Count me among those of us experiencing Olympic Fatigue…but for all the pre-games hype over security concerns, double toileted stalls, and substandard living conditions, everything pretty much faded into the background once the competitions started. Granted, there were the high-profile gaffs (somebody please buy me this shirt, ASAP!), but you have to admit that things went pretty smooth overall…I actually enjoyed watching, at least for the first week. Plus you have to admire plucky Russia and it’s ability to make fun of itself in front of a worldwide audience. Now it’s full speed ahead to Rio! As in: the 2014 World freaking Cup. Yeah. SO pumped for this summer.
  • Our love of SCIowa is no secret, and neither is the fact that we try to visit at least once a week…but we made the mistake of showing up this past weekend on the same day they held the annual “Every Family Rocks! Family Music Festival.” We knew there would be a crowd, so luckily we showed up early and hit the main attractions…

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…before being overwhelmed by the masses by lunchtime. On an typical Saturday morning there is usually 100 people there with us…maybe. But on this day there were literally thousands.

  • Our low-budget/high reward Valentine’s Day project is finally finished! Can’t wait to share with you how we made it:

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  • Lola has been pretty run-down with a nasty stomach bug these past few days…but she finally has her appetite back and thankfully seems to be on the mend once again.

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Sometimes all you really need is a big, comfy pillow and a good book to curl up with.

Sorry to be brief…back with more soon, including all about my daddy/daughter Valentine’s Day dates 😀  Happy Monday, and have a great week!


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