Do You Want to Build a Treehouse?

Miss and I love a good tree house, but let’s get serious…who doesn’t? I think Missy even had the plans to make the girls a tree house in her mind months (maybe even years) before we had drawn up the first sketches for our own home.

So when the opportunity finally presented itself for her vision to become a reality (as in: Mimi & Poppy rolled into town, airstream in tow, itching to get their hands going on a good summer project), we jumped into action.

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(Camp Hardinge)

Despite having a wooded(ish) lot, when it came to trees on our property large enough to support a structure for four little girls (and all of their friends) to play in, we were sorely lacking.

So we improvised a bit, hatched out a plan late one Friday night…and the Treeless Treehouse was born.

Construction began on a Saturday morning, and while I helped where I could, when you have someone with as much experience and know-how guiding the reins (not to mention the all the tools necessary for such a large undertaking), I did what I was told and then tried to stay the heck out of the way!

As far as treeless tree houses go, the process was fairly straight-forward: we dug out four post holes by hand for our 6″x6″ supports:

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…on top of which, for all intents and purposes, we built a deck:


building details

Once our elevated deck was complete, we framed and built the 9’x10′ play house…

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Dad & Bob Framing

Treeless House 03

…right on top.

Uncle Bob even showed up to help (and visit his nieces), too…

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…and the three of us (OK, mostly just Dad) managed to get the main structure enclosed in under seven days.


playhouse porch picture

Let’s just say that the girls are pretty pumped.

And as far as I know, he’s available for hire!

select stud

Progress has slowed considerably since the east coast crew broke camp and pulled out of town  a few weeks ago…

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…but Missy and I have not been idle: last weekend we enlisted the neighbors to help build the access ladder…

Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

Treeless House 07

…and attach the slide…

Treeless House 08

Treeless House 09

…so the girls could, you know…actually use their clubhouse.

Tea Party

Tea parties can’t wait!

Slide Note: Most common play-set slides are meant for 5 ft. or ft. deck heights. So of course, ours ended up just a shade under 6’-0”…therefore, most  custom slides we needed were hundreds of dollars over what we were willing to spend.

And so by adding a few additional support posts for height, I did what any thrifty dad would do and made the standard Lowes 5 ft. deck height slide work for our purposes.

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

The girls just go a little faster on the way down! Eh…they’ll grow into it 😉

We’ve also started roofing and painting (you’ll have to stay tuned for the color), which have both been a pretty big undertaking in themselves!

Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset

And so, over the course of a few short summer weeks, we’ve transformed a bare spot in our backyard into an amazing playhouse for the girls to use…

Treeless House 05

Treeless House 13

Treeless House 10

…hopefully for many years to come.

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