Risks Worth Taking

We should know better by now.

After all, our first attempt at an outdoor birthday party in May it was a less than desirable 50 degree day with a cold rain that simply would not quit, forcing us to hold the entire party inside G-Pa Steve’s seed shed:


Our second attempt wasn’t much better: while it was nice enough to be outside, it was so windy that we all had to bundle up and tightly huddle around the birthday girls so that their candles wouldn’t extinguish prematurely.

We barely escaped tragedy last year; a pleasant afternoon of sun and clouds were almost all for naught. I was running around at 6:00 the following morning trying to salvage paper party decorations from the torrential rainstorm that struck overnight.

Risks Worth Taking 1

Yet here we were once again, planning an outdoor party for the girls fifth birthday. Not only that, but a campout themed party in which all planned activities were outdoors and simply could not be replicated inside. So when the forecast started looking like this:

Copy of IMG_9431

…and Missy was fielding semi-concerned parent text messages the morning of, asking if we had a backup plan (we didn’t), things we looking pretty bleak. I can’t tell you how many times we checked our weather apps, but we made the final call: pray hard and hope for the best.

We had originally planned on working the party around an actual family camping trip, but due to said weather concerns we scrapped that plan and focused on hosting a successful party. Missy planned out an epic party schedule: free play, a nature scavenger hunt, preschool games, dinner over a bonfire, presents, and of course a monster dessert selection of campfire cupcakes and make-your-own s’mores.

As the time approached for Missy to begin set-up, the weather was still holding. And continued to hold all the way up until 4:00 when guests started to show up. Then the moment we had been dreading had arrived: the heavens opened up…

Risks Worth Taking 2

…for a passing three minute shower that knocked the heat down a few degrees. By the time we covered up the all the food and presents, it was over. The picture above was from a different day 😉

The skies  quickly cleared and our party was on!

Between the nature walk/scavenger hunt…



…and all the fun and games Missy had planned…

…kept the party busy right up until dinner and dessert.

I’m not sure how many five year old girls would want an outdoor camping themed birthday party, but our three five year old girls were loving every minute of it.

In the months to come we’ll tell ourselves that next year we’ll keep it low key and make promises to ourselves to find a weather-independent location. But as May 2016 rolls around, we’ll probably find ourselves booking a water park and praying and crossing our fingers that the weather will be 80 degrees and sunny.

Birthday month comes once a year, and some risks are just worth taking.

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Loving husband to my wife Missy, loving father to my four daughters Sienna, Rowan, Jovie, and Lola. I'm a chronic over-packer who loves good coffee, good music, running, waffle tee's, fleece pants, and Jesus Christ!

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