Sister Shopping 2015

The Christmas season is in full swing at the Hardinge household…all things decorating, cookie baking, picture taking have fill our nights and weekends since (ok, and even before) Thanksgiving.

Now for the third year in a row, Missy has taken each girl out individually to “sister shop” for eachother…which could be one of the sweetest things that happen during the month of December. Sister shopping started as the older three finally began to “get” Christmas and the joy of gift-giving that came with it. It also conveniently served as a way to get Missy out of the house for coveted one-on-one time with each girl, which even to this day is hard to come by.

It’s a great tradition we’ve started and one I hope Missy continues for years to come. (who are we kidding…you know she will). However, getting her to sit down and share is a bit more of a challenge 😀

You may have seen these on Facebook or Instagram already, but I wanted to have them all in one place for our future reference. Here’s Missy (in her own words).

♦ ♦ ♦

Today I started my favorite annual Christmas tradition of “sister shopping” where the girls get to pick presents for each other and have some much coveted one-on-one time. Jovie went last in 2014, so she was up first this year. I took her to a craft store where she never let go of my hand, and she contemplated for over an hour and a half about what each sister would like best. On our way home, she asked to stop to look at a thrift store to find a snow globe for Lola, since Lola was devastated over the one that had previously broken. We had no success at that, but the gesture was the sweetest and she ended up finding a super heartbreaking present for Tommy. She also asked to try on “those fancy shoes” (ohhhh my). I just love spending alone time with my girls and enjoying their different personalities.

At the end of our trip I offered her any snack she wanted and she chose to have a hotdog and lemonade all to herself at Costco. My Jov. A girl who is super compassionate and knows exactly what she wants.

Sienna Sister Shopping

Today was Sienna’s turn for sister shopping.

My sweet first-born is extremely observant, incredibly intelligent (hard to keep ahead of as her teacher), and can remember anything and everything. She thought of brilliant ideas for her sisters’ gifts that I didn’t even consider. You can sit and watch her blue eyes as she takes in the world and answer her questions for hours on end while basking in her innocence and curiosity.

Love her. #oneluckymama

sister shopping rowan

Rowan patiently waited for her turn to sister shop. Rowan is happiest when she is helping. She loves to be surrounded by people and have a good conversation. She has a flare for dramatics, likes to follow the rules, has no problem standing up for herself and what is right. She takes EVERYTHING to heart. She is ALL IN for anything adventurous and can eat like a full-grown man.

We may not look the most alike, but she is the daughter who is most like me. While we were out she put coins in the red kettle and when I removed someone’s old drinking container from our cart and set it on an empty shelf so it wouldn’t spill on our stuff, she almost snapped at me about how we shouldn’t leave trash somewhere that’s not a trashcan.

When I let her pick out the special treat at the end of shopping, she got very excited and picked out one small pez dispenser. She stood there with this look in her eye and I could tell she was thinking hard. She then reached to put it back on the shelf and said “It’s OK Mommy, I don’t need it… it wouldn’t be fair because sisters didn’t get one too.” Sweet thang. I talked her into getting the PEZ dispenser, but after that statement, I probably would’ve bought her anything in the store.

♦ ♦ ♦

Tommy again. Lola hasn’t gone sister shopping yet, but that doesn’t mean she’s been idle. Our busy bee three-year-old has been helping Mommy wrap and decorate presents this year…

…and it heart melting to see her excitement now that she is finally started to “get it” as well.

If we let it, Christmas shopping can be a huge source of stress at a time when it should be anything but. Hopefully by instilling the “joy of giving” into the girls lives at an early age they always remember how much fun it actually can be.


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