Him: Oldest of four, born and raised in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Her: Middle child of three, raised a true Midwestern farm girl in West Des Moines, Iowa.

The Beginning

The summer before my senior year in high school, I (Tommy) attended a national youth gathering in St. Louis with my church youth group. At that same gathering, a high school youth group from West Des Moines was there as well. There were so many students staying in the city that some groups had to stay in hotels in the ‘burbs. To get the students back and forth from these hotels to the gathering downtown, school buses were chartered. One night after a long worship session, my group was waiting in a bus to get back to our rooms when a straggler group boarded. This happened to be the group from West Des Moines. One of the last students on from that group had nowhere to sit up front with her group, so she made her way back the bus and sat across the aisle from…me. She was cute. Her name was Missy.

After seeing each other often throughout the rest of the gathering in small groups and other functions, we exchanged info and parted ways. We kept in touch through e-mail and AOL Instant Messaging, and went on with our lives. We became college students, Missy enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa, and I at the Virginia Military Institute. In college, we actually found it was easier to stay in touch despite being so far apart. After our first year, she came to visit me in Maryland, and the month following that visit, I made my first trip to Iowa. Fast forward through four years of long distance dating and I found myself moving to Iowa after graduating from VMI in May of 2005.

The Highlights

The Future

I originally started this blog to keep our east-coast half of the family updated on the daily happenings in our lives, but it has since evolved into a full-blown Parenthood blog. Paul writes that we should “…pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace…” (2 Tim 2:22), and that is something that we strive for daily. Webster says that pursuit is “the action of following someone or something”.

This blog is the chronicle of our pursuit towards becoming better spouses, better friends, and better parents…and all the ups and downs associated with the above. My worst possible fear is to become stagnant. So that is what this blog is about…living in pursuit.

I’m glad you’re along for the journey.